talk about solving their business challenges

Whether you are speaking to a prospect or providing visual materials (tear-sheets, sales deck, business case, or website), how you solve their business problems should be clearly presented – early and often.  These problems must tie back to dollars.  Improving quality is good, but they will pay for only if there is real ROI.

The 4 business problems you solve

I.  Improve Financial Performance

Cost savings:  Improve efficiency with automation of imaging workflow and dual system integration.

Revenue increase: Capture unrealized billings with optimized connectivity an capture VBP incentive payments.

Penalty avoidance: Avoid HIPAA fines for PHI data breach.

II.  Optimize Interoperability

No new systems investments:  You leverage their existing system investments to create interoperability across the organization.

Connect disparate technologies:  Imaging workflows are connected with EMR integration as well as integration with their existing imaging archive systems (PACs or VNAs).

Patient-Centric Connectivity:  Access imaging data between care settings as well across the continuum of care optimizes care transitions with a longitudinal care approach to image sharing.

III.  Improve Patient Outcomes

Optimize care settings:  Streamlined image sharing among providers helps prioritize patients needing higher levels of care and/or timely referrals to specialists to place the right patient in the right care setting based for their diagnosis/condition

Improved treatment plans:  Convenient access to patient imaging in the EMR improves documentation and enables time-series assessment of a patient’s clinical status for optimal clinical decision making.

Patient safety:  Automation of previously manual tasks within the image upload, capture, and sharing workflows reduces risk of manual error.

Continuity of Care:  Image availability across the organization reduces disruption of care and avoids unnecessary duplication of diagnostic efforts which pose risk to treatment.

IV.  Patient & Provider Experience

Top-of-license work:  Automation of previously manual imaging tasks drives clinician job satisfaction by removing tedious administrative efforts and freeing up more time for direct patient care.

Access to care:  Patient satisfaction increases as streamlined image sharing across providers, departments, and health systems provides them timely access to appropriate care.

Ease of image sharing:  Simplified image upload into enterprise-wide EMR and archiving systems from any work station eliminates the patient burden of responsibility for transfer of their images between organizations.

More details

As you get into deeper conversations with potential buyers, defensible details around these business problem solutions will become necessary.  Here are a few to begin with, and more will be introduced, in-depth, during the ROI work.

Financial Performance

Cost Reduction:

  • HIPAA penalty avoidance
  • VBP penalty avoidance: Domains 3 & 4
  • Several imaging measures in MACRA MIPS quality, indirect effect on promoting interoperability, and cost measures
  • Automating/streamlining manual workflows
  • ↑efficiency with image sharing across the enterprise
  • Avoiding duplication of imaging

Revenue Increase:

  • VBP – overall shared savings opportunity
  • Charge capture with modality
  • Enabling e-visits with image sharing
  • Enable prioritization of high risk or high revenue patients to specialists


  • Web-native platform allows access anywhere, anytime across the organization
  • Automated upload into both EHR and archive system 
  • Low IT burden for customer during integration
  • Use of standard HL7 and DICOMM interfaces reduces barrier to IT approval
  • Automated patient demographic capture and reconciliation ensures accurate patient identification across organization’s data systems
  • Cybersecurity risk mitigation using HIPAA compliant mobile imaging workflows

Patient Experience

  • VBP:  Domain 2 HCAPs scores, Domain 4 spending per beneficiary
  • MACRA:  CAHPs 
  • HRRP:  added a Care Transition Measure for 2018 around patient/care giver satisfaction around understanding their transition of care

Provider Experience

  • Peer-to-peer consultation is optimized with instant/secure imaging sharing
  • Instant integration into EMR allows time-series imaging-based patient management
  • Optimize documentation and future image review in EHR
  • Capture spontaneous diagnostic tests at the POC into both the EMR with order creation