2019: Our Year of “Patient-First” Enterprise Imaging

The human cost of imaging

Among the many conversations that our team has had regarding imaging workflows with customers and peers, the most memorable ones often taken place outside the hospital walls.  Some of the most informative discussions we have are with people who are outside of the healthcare industry.  It’s often the conversations with healthcare consumers that provide valuable insight on the patient experience of medical imaging.

Despite all the statistics we throw around in healthcare, it’s easy to miss the forest for the trees.  When we share that 1 in 5 radiology tests are unnecessarily duplicates people seem surprised at first.  This information typically prompts an anecdote of a real-life challenge they faced as a result of disorganized imaging workflows.   Stories shared from a patient’s perspective remind us we talk about the financial costs of healthcare, but we often forget about the human costs. 

the patient experience

Recently, a family friend shared her experience during a doctor’s appointment where she waited for over 90 minutes for the office to attempt to access her outside x-rays.  Frustrated and running late for work, she agreed to have another set of films done to avoid a wasted trip (and another appointment and missed day at work).  Those of us in the healthcare industry talk about the millions of imaging dollars spent nationally on duplicate tests, but this story reminds us that we often lose sight of the negative impact these challenges have on the patient experience. 

 The fact that busy patients endure long wait times and often have incomplete or even incorrect diagnoses due to poor access to outside films is often forgotten.  Access to specialists is also delayed or even denied due to the inability to share images.  Most organizations cannot access prior studies done within their health system due to the dozens of disparate archive systems that exist across service lines.  And being asked to transport your own films on a CD while being bounced back and forth between clinics and the central archive department is another story…

our new year’s resolution at imagemover

At ImageMover, we have collectively deemed 2019 the year of “patient-first” enterprise imaging.  Our platform is rich with features that enhance the patient experience by providing seamless image capture, import, and sharing across providers, facilities, and even health systems.  So, as the new year approaches, we challenge our colleagues, our partners, and ourselves to design and transform imaging initiatives that continually prioritize the patient experience.