The "Platform"

Sales Psychology

From a sales “psychology” perspective, it’s always better to initially engage a buyer with a comprehensive platform – rather than individual products.  This plants the seed for a larger price tag as it triggers more use-cases in their minds. This doesn’t mean that buyer is obligated to purchase the entire solution.  You just showing them the Land Rovers before you agree to show them the Jeeps.

The new product positioning and messing is the end-to-end ImageMoverMD platform.  As you get a feel of the person’s pain points and situational drivers (e.g. budget, competing purchases, reluctance to adopt mobile…etc.), you can drill down to the application that will most likely get you a “yes.”

Best practice is to lead with a platform rather than a portfolio of products:

  • It’s always easier to negotiate down (removing products) than it is to negotiate up (add products).
  • The buyer may have come to the site only looking for a modality-type product to help with revenue capture, but they might leave thinking “wow, these guys can also solve our imaging-related HIPAA issue,” for example.
  • ImageMover provides an end-to-end imaging applications – thus positioning you as a “one-stop-shop” for all their imaging workflow needs.
  • You are now positioning yourselves above the rest as a trusted partner, and not a vendor that solves one pain point.

The ImageMoverMD Platform 

We are moving away from talking about the company as having 3 distinct products.   The products will now be considered “applications” of one comprehensive product offering.

→ Company is ImageMover.

→ Product is the ImageMoverMD platform.

→ The ImageMoverMD platform has 3 applications:

  • Modality
  • Uploader
  • Mobile

what do the applications "do"?

Talk about the applications in terms of workflow and the business problems they solve.  Don't lead with features and functionalities.


Real-time image capture at the point-of-care with automated order creation and archiving.

  • Unscheduled images performed in departments ranging from the emergency department to the primary care office are captured and linked, in real-time, to the EHR and archiving systems.
  • Automated generation of orders for these images ensures the correct data capture for billing.


Instant image upload into the archive system from any work station automatically matched with EHR patient data.

  • Images taken either outside or within your organization can be uploaded into your archive and EMR systems instantly. 
  • Auto-population of patient data from the EMR reduces manual efforts and risk of error.


One click, secure mobile image sharing from any device, across care settings, to optimize patient care.

  • Mobile images are imported into the EHR using a HIPAA compliant workflow – with no storage of PHI on the device itself.
  • Simplified sharing of photographs and videos between providers allows real-time collaboration and enhanced decision-making.