the 4-part value prop statement

“The ImageMoverMD platform transforms enterprise imaging strategy to improve the quality
 and cost of care while optimizing patient and provider experience.”

This value proposition statement can be shared with any audience, and it identifies for the buyer:

  1. Define their problem.
  2. Inform them of what it's costing them not to solve the problem
  3. Explain why ImageMover is the best solution to the problem
  4. Project the ROI they will see by using ImageMover

Most startups who are truly building disruptive, innovative solutions must inform the audience that they have a problem.  In other words, your potential buyers may not even realize that not having an enterprise-wide imaging solution like yours is a problem.  So, you must educate them.

key words in the value proposition

Every piece of this simple sentence should be used in client-facing materials:  websites, tear sheets, social media blurbs, proposals, sales decks…etc.


  • This implies that you are new, innovative, cutting edge, disruptive. 
  • You aren’t just offering a variation on the status quo. 
  • This word can be used on all client facing materials, social media, collateral…etc.


  • This shows that you are an end-to-end solution. 
  • Also, this implies connectivity, which connotes interoperability…which solves a ton of business problems for the organization in one fell swoop.  


  • Use “enterprise-wide” all over your materials! 
  • Your users aren’t just stuck in the archive room, the dermatology practice, or in the wound clinic. 
  • The ImageMoverMD platform is used across care settings and departments.


  • Although it's up to you if you want to include this in the written value proposition, verbally, it's good to say this word ("...enterprise-wide imaging strategy...")
  • This positions you as a trusted partner, not just a vendor. 
  • You are part of their organizational strategy to solve a myriad of imaging-related challenges.


  • Lots of products improve quality, but not all things that improve quality save money and/or increase revenue. 
  • You do all three:  improve patient outcomes, reduce cost, and increase revenue capture.

Cost of care

  • Automation of manual tasks improves efficiency which decreases costs
  • HIPAA compliance avoids PHI breech fines
  • Modality order generation captures unrealized billings

patient experience

  • There are lots of products that improve patient experience, but not many that also do the other 6 things listed here. 
  • Administrators, doctors, end-users…everyone wants happy patients. Happy patients provide good HCAP scores and bring in revenue. 
  • For 2018, VBP’s HCAP added a measure dedicated to patient/care-giver experience.
  • You make patients happy by eliminating duplication of imaging, loss of images, barriers to image transfer within an organization (or between organizations).
  •  “Patient experience,” like the word “transform” adds drama and grabs attention.
  • Patient-as-a-consumer is a huge concept in healthcare right now for health systems and payers
  • Tie this to the Quadruple Aim which is a huge buzz word for administrators

Provider Experience

  • With a 60,000-doc shortage in this country (per the AMA), we need to make doctors happy. 
  • ImageMoverMD takes routine, manual tasks off of their plate  - allowing them to work license and have greater job satisfaction.
  • Happy providers give better care, retain patients, and don’t churn.
  • You make patients happy by eliminating their burden to transport their images and increasing their referrals to specialists and overall access to care.

your competitive advantage

Your competitors:

  • Your competitors are terrible at telling a cohesive story.
  • They have no clear value proposition.
  • They have no answers to what problem(s) they solve, why the problems need to be solved, and why they are the best to solve them! 
  • Most of them present themselves as a vendor with a bunch of products that lie somewhere in the imaging space. 

Why you’re better than the competition

  • You can be the first company in this space to have a cohesive message showing that you are an enterprise-wide imaging strategy game-changer. 
  • By weaving everything into one interconnected offering, you’ve now positioned yourselves as providing a superior solution spanning the entire imaging spectrum.
  • Your platform spans care settings, user types (doctor, nurse, staff, archive clerk), and workflows (POC imaging, archiving, outpatient photographs…etc.)
  • Your platform solves real business problems