Effortlessly transfer all types of medical images.

Smart phone photos.  Video and audio.  Outside medical pictures.  Point of care images.  Whichever studies you need to incorporate into EHR and your PACS/VNA system, ImageMoverMD is ready to simplify the process—without interfering with day-to-day workflow.
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A suite of solutions to complement your enterprise imaging strategy

Upload images from your smartphone with one click

With ImageMoverMD, you can move photos and videos taken with smartphones and tablets (iOS or Android) to most enterprise imaging archives in seconds, without using a VPN or login. Privacy issues are reduced to near zero since patient data is never stored on the mobile device.

Easily enable billing for unscheduled imaging

Need to perform an unscheduled study like an ultrasound or x-ray and incorporate it into your EHR and PACS/VNA? Too often, these “just-in-time” studies don’t make it into the EHR or PACS/VNA because of the time-consuming steps involved, resulting in clinical gaps and lost revenue. ImageMoverMD’s EHR integration enables on-the-fly order creation, ensuring that images are linked to the patient record in a fraction of the time.

Easily upload images from other sources with no manual entry

Medical images captured elsewhere can now be quickly and easily uploaded and incorporated into the PACS/VNA—without manual entry. ImageMoverMD automatically reconciles patient information stored on CDs with your EHR and provides a link to the images.

Imaging Workflow, Simplified.

How can ImageMoverMD transform your image management? Find out by emailing info@imagemovermd.com.

ImageMover Mobile

A patient is being seen in the wound clinic and the provider wants to capture a photo of the wound so they can track the progress over time. 

ImageMover allows for image capture as well as quick and secure transfer to the PACS and access from the EHR.

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ImageMover Uploader

A patient arrives with a CD of images from another health system, ImageMover uploader allows the provider to upload the images directly to the PACS or VNA. Uploads will then be accessible in the EHR.

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ImageMover Modality Quick Order

A pregnant patient brought into the ER following a motor vehicle accident is complaining of abdominal pain.  She also has a laceration on her forehead with a pressure bandage intact.  She is very anxious and unable to comment on fetal movement.

Integrating an unscheduled point of care procedure into the EHR or PACS/VNA can be cumbersome given the complex workflow.  

ImageMoverMD provides a simple, quick and easy solution for getting those point-of-care results into the EHR and PACS/VNA while facilitating additional revenue capture. 

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