Press Release: ImageMoverMD Available in Initial Launch of Epic’s App Orchard

ImageMover Press Release

Darcey Nett, CEO

MADISON, Wis. (Oct. 17, 2017) — ImageMoverMD, a convenient way to securely move and access medical images and photos, was included in Epic’s launch of the App Orchard, an online marketplace where healthcare providers can browse software made by non-Epic developers. All of the software featured links up with Epic’s platform, making for easy integration between third-party platforms and the EHR. Being available in the App Orchard provides greater visibility to healthcare systems looking for an innovative platform with a range of solutions regarding medical imaging. 

“The launch of the App Orchard is another great step forward in allowing applications to interoperate with Epic’s platform.” says Darcey Nett, CEO of ImageMoverMD.

The ImageMoverMD platform provides encounters-based imaging solutions designed to vastly improve clinical workflow. In one use case, ImageMover Mobile has allowed vascular surgeons to more efficiently schedule daily rounds because of the instant access to current wounds and their descriptions, which prioritizes patient encounters. In another case, dermatologists were able to view serial images in PACS (picture archive and communication system). ImageMoverMD’s complete range of solutions includes:

ImageMover Mobile: Allows seamless workflow integration to bring patient photos from mobile devices directly into an organization's medical imaging archive and medical record. It’s fast, simple and HIPAA compliant.

  • DICOM: Allows importing of outside DICOM medical imaging directly into your organization’s medical imaging archive. This solution provides smart automation, matching the imported images directly to the correct patient.

  • Media: Provides advanced media importing features, allowing MPEG video, GIF, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, and PDF media objects to be imported into the medical imaging archive and linked to the patient encounter.

  • Modality: Facilitates the capture and archival of images from point-of-care medical imaging devices, including mobile ultrasound units, fluoroscopy and endoscopy devices.

“Users of ImageMoverMD have been able to leverage the integration between our platform and Epic’s available APIs since 2014,” says Nett.

Healthcare systems using Epic and interested in simplifying the sending and saving of medical images can find ImageMoverMD here.

About ImageMoverMD

ImageMoverMD is a medical imaging software company that connects photos, video and outside medical images with enterprise imaging and electronic health record systems. The company’s solutions employ an exclusive approach to securely capture and integrate medical images with the EHR, simplifying communication and enhancing patient care. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter @ImageMoverMD.