ImageMoverMD Presenting its Suite of Solutions at RSNA Annual Meeting

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Darcey Nett, CEO of ImageMover

MADISON, Wis. (Nov. 15, 2017) — ImageMoverMD, a convenient way to securely move and access medical images and photos, will present its latest capability, ImageMover Modality, twice during the RSNA Annual Meeting. Each presentation will highlight Modality, in addition to showing how the complete platform complements healthcare systems’ enterprise imaging strategy. 

ImageMover Modality captures and archives point-of-care images from medical devices such as mobile ultrasound units, fluoroscopy and endoscopy devices. This capability further ensures that any image taken—whether it was from a scheduled appointment or not—is recorded and accurately linked to the patient EHR. Too often, these studies don’t make it to the EHR or VNA/PACS, resulting in clinical gaps and lost revenue. ImageMoverMD’s EHR integration enables on-the-fly order creation, ensuring that images are linked to the patient record in a fraction of the time.

“ImageMover Modality is a great addition to the ImageMover platform, further enhancing the way healthcare systems manage its medical imaging. With a range of available solutions on one platform, users can optimize their current processes depending on their immediate needs,”  said Darcey Nett, CEO of ImageMoverMD.

As a whole, the platform’s principles allow for a deep integration into EHR workflows to enhance value. It also allows healthcare enterprises to derive additional benefits from existing systems. ImageMoverMD’s additional solutions include:

  • ImageMover Mobile: Allows seamless workflow integration to bring patient photos from mobile devices directly into an organization's medical imaging archive and medical record. It’s fast, simple and HIPAA compliant.

  • ImageMover DICOM: Allows importing of outside DICOM medical imaging directly into your organizations medical imaging archive. This solution provides smart automation, matching the imported images directly to the correct patient.

  • ImageMover Media: Provides advanced media importing features, allowing MPEG video, GIF, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, and PDF media objects to be imported into the medical imaging archive and linked to the patient encounter.

ImageMoverMD will be presenting Monday, November 27 and Wednesday November 29 at 2:00 in the IBM theater. For those who won’t be attending RSNA and want to learn how ImageMoverMD can improve clinical workflow, please visit 

About ImageMoverMD

ImageMoverMD is a medical imaging software company that connects photos, video and outside medical images with enterprise imaging and electronic health record systems. The company’s solutions employ an exclusive approach to securely capture and integrate medical images with the EHR, simplifying communication and enhancing patient care. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter @ImageMoverMD.

Written by: Andrea P.